Private Care versus Insurance Driven Care


Private care is between you and I, unfettered by any third party. You set the goal for the level of health you wish.  You engage me to present findings and solutions from which you choose the best fit.  I will suggest the most appropriate care, emphasizing conservative procedures that accomplish your goals. 


 Insurance Model of Care Delivery: 

  • Insurance companies define what services are covered.  Consequently, many more conservative services that may be more appropriate are not considered. 
  • Insurance companies reimburse providers for treatment, which typically is too low to provide the highest level of care.
  • In an insurance driven model of care,  patients become passive and uninvolved in decisions about their care, choosing mainly covered services, rather than perhaps more appropriate and/or conservative choices.
  • Insurance care is often Disease Centered Care rather than wellness care.  It involves choosing short-term, patchwork solutions, instead of understanding the causes of the dental problem and choosing to stop the source of this problem.


Why choose me?

  • You are picky!  I have made the choice to dedicate myself to quality.  You receive a complete and thorough examination and discussion before choosing the right path for you.  You will not be rushed or “sold” a service.  It must make sense to you.
  • You want Less Drilling.  Newer, more conservative techniques in adhesive dentistry are disrupting the old model of care.  Less drilling generally results in fewer problems, like sensitivity, root canals, and tooth fracture.
  • You want privacy.  My office is strictly private and low volume.  You get my undivided personal attention.
  • My laboratory support is top shelf.  All restorations requiring off site fabrication are custom made locally in the USA by a Master Dental Technician.
  • I am involved in teaching.  Keeping up with the current thought by being involved in dental education allows me to be a more informed provider.


Will I be able to use my insurance?


Yes!  Congratulations on having this benefit!  I will send claims on your behalf to your carrier.  Your insurance carrier will send you the check directly.