The First Visit


First impression is important!


Each person that sits in my dental chair is unique.  My job is to understand just what makes you unique.  This information must be learned through an interview process, so that’s where we start. 

Most patients do not have an understanding of dental health, so we describe and illustrate a picture of health.  With an understanding of dental health the goals of the patient are discussed.

Next, we gather information about your current state of dental health.  With the aid of photographs, gypsum models, x-rays, and physical examination, we compare current state to your goals.  Sometimes we need to revisit and refine goals, but in the end we put to writing a complete plan for achieving and maintaining health for life. 


This can be a simple one-visit process or a multiple-visit discovery process.  This depends on your goals and the complexity of treatment.


In summary, you drive this process.  You will not be presented with any plan that you don’t choose in the first place.  Simple!