Age Reversing:  Bleaching


As we age our enamel becomes more translucent and we see the underlying color of the inside (dentin) of the tooth.  Bleaching can lighten teeth by many shades without harming teeth. 

Not all bleach is the same


The color molecules that are attached to the dentin inside of the tooth are the cause.  They can be very difficult to remove, especially in older adults.   I have a program that will work for most.


The better the oxidizing capacity of the bleach, the better the results.

from Dr. Rod Kurthy, Kor Bleaching, Mission Viejo, CA

from Dr. Rod Kurthy, Kor Bleaching, Mission Viejo, CA


I employ special bleach full of highly reactive oxidizing agents called radicals.  It’s called “Kor” beaching.  Google "Kor bleaching"  to see or read more.  Without getting into the chemistry, these special radicals, unique to the Kor process, are produced from the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide.  They have the power to break the stubborn bonds of the color molecules.  The treatment time varies according to the starting shade, the age of the patient, and the desired degree of whitening.