Age Reversing Dentistry: 

The Mockup:  Try before you buy


You have some worn, misshaped, or chipped teeth.  Maybe there are some unattractive spaces between teeth.  You want to look younger because your teeth look older than you feel.  You are picky.  You are unsure if you’ll like the final result.


A “Mockup” will allow you to visualize results in your own mouth, often without any drilling.  Omitting the technical details, I create your new smile over your existing teeth so that you can go home and evaluate it. 

It’s a totally reversible procedure.  If you don’t like it, I can remove it without harming the existing teeth.


Best of all this Mockup often reduces or eliminates drilling because we are adding to the existing teeth.  Enamel is precious and it should be preserved whenever possible.  Do no harm!


The results of the Mockup are reproduced in the final material, whether it be porcelain or composite resin, with the aid of copying jigs that I make in my lab.